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This is where I'm answering to some questions ppl have asked so far :3
1. What time period is this supposed to take place in?
A= Cloe is set in the victorian era. Around 1886 :)

2. Is there going to be smut in this story?
A= No, sorry~ This is only a shounen-ai story..
However, I've made a special doujinshi where you can see smut happening XD
It's uploaded here (in case you're curious about it :P)

3. Are Liam and Ed gonna sleep together?
A= Hehehe XDD they will, yep..However, that will happen when they're older, because some years will pass before that.

4. Are all the brothers gay?
A= No, not all of them XD. There is Charles, who appeared in the first chapter and Edmund.
Yeah, Edmund is not gay, he only likes to play around and compete with Lawrence in whatever he's doing.
Lawrence is actually bi, so he's not completely gay XD.

5. What does "Cloe Remembrance" mean?
It is inspired in one of Yoko Kanno's songs called 'Cloe' XD~ and it has nothing to do with the story
but 'cloe' means greenery, blooming.. and 'Cloe Remembrance' is for the memories Liam made at the Doves' mansion,
in which he was surrounded by greenery..the grass, the leaves, even Ed's eyes..
and also, the definition 'blooming', which stands for their growth and the feelings that 'bloomed'
within their hearts as they reach puberty...quite a deep meaning XD~

6. Why did Mr. Dove marry such an ugly & cranky hag?
A= Because theirs was an arranged marriage, so they didn't really love each other.

7. So then why did they have so many children?
A= Because..believe it or not Mrs. Dove is the SEME XDD and she "attacked" Mr. Dove each time <.<~
LOL, no...actually, the question is whether they're Mr. Dove's children or not :D~

8. How long is this story going to be?
A= I have planned it for about 10 chapters, but I might extend it or shorten it
depending on the readers' (and my own) will~:p

9. X character reminds me of X from X story/anime...
A= Well...I might have gotten inspired by them but it also may be just a coincidence :)
One thing I can assure you, I've never copied a character or a story. To me, that's just plain cheap >:/

10. Why is Richard the only brother with black hair?
A= There's actually a reason behind that, but that's all I have to say :D

11. Then why do the others have blond, brown and red hair?
A= Because they got it from their grandparents' genes.. and because I wanted them to have different hair colors...^^''

12. Are there any songs that make you think of any certain characters or just the story in general?
A= Umm songs... there's this one by claude debussy called 'the girl with the flaxen hair' XD I don't know why, but it really fits the mood and it's soo beautiful! *o*

13. When you finish this comic will you do another BL or not?
A= : Yeah, I will!! :D I already have a story I want to turn into manga *u*

14. What made you want to start this comic?
A= Umm..I wonder XDD.. I don't really remember..I was just coming up with ideas for a BL story and then I thought about a victorian setting
because I've always liked the victorian era...I started designing characters without really knowing what to do with them..
Actually, at first Liam was going to be a rebellious kid while Ed was going to be a weak and sickly brat..
It ended up quite different from what I had imagined XD
Also, it was going to be a novel but I tried drawing it and it became a manga XD.

15. How long did it take you to plan this out before you put it up online?
A= I began the manga without even planning anything out..then I got bored of it and left it alone for a year..
then I continued with it after I planned some chapters out and later on I began to post it in aarinfantasy's forum :D
then a year later I started posting it here while I still kept writing chapters..
I guess I was planning it while drawing XDDD

16. How much research you've put into making this comic and how much 'I'm just making this up' are you doing?
A= Well, I've really tried to make it look as real as possible, so I've been researching a lot...
For example, I wanted them to be between the old and the modern, so I chose the year of 1886..
In this year a lot of things were already discovered and invented, like electricity, plumbing...
I also had lots of pictures and photos of clothes, carriages, pianos and furniture :)
There are some things I missed, of course XDDD;;; for example, I didn't know doctors didn't wear white coats yet...
and the fact that I never draw guys with top hats because I just don't like them..hehehe
I don't think I'm making things up..Shopping already existed in the victorian era,
even department stores so I think I'm more or less in the right path XD;;

17. Which character most relates to you?
A= I think both Henry and Richard have a lot of me XD Richard is just like my inner self..sly, perverted and lazy...<-<
But the outside is more like Henry..I don't express myself too much and I keep a lot of things to myself...XD
looks like we only share the bad things in common..haha

18. Are any of these characters based on real people you know?
A= Um.. Some of them are :D but only some traits or little details...
for example, Mr. Dove is based a little on my dad (they're both engineers and are kind and loving),
Richard and Henry have a little of my parents too XDD (the way they express their love),
Fleur's name is based on mine XD lol and Edmund and Lawrence are like my sister and I..
the way they get along :) sometimes fighting over stupid things but at the same time supporting each other.

19. Did Lawrence and Joseph have the same relationship as Richard and Henry before Joseph died?
Cause they would be the same age.

A= Umm, they were really close but there weren't any romantic feelings involved...
Actually, they were more like a trio because Edmund was also part of their group.
They would always be together, it was really cute ;u;...
I did think about that possibility but then I thought 'nah, that would be too much!'XD

20. How do you go about creating a page?
A= Well, first of all I read my script XD, I figure out the way the panels should be located,
then I start sketching (it was on paper before but now I do it with mangastudio), then I ink over it (in another layer if its with ms),
then erase the sketch...After that I start toning in different layers until it looks nice :),
at the end I type the dialogues and after checking spelling, mistakes, etc I save it and post it :D
I take around 3-4 hours in a single page...