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» Comics - 4koma strips - May 20th, 2009, 11:42 pm

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The Management Says:
Heldrad, May 20th, 2009, 11:46 pm ( Reply )

Some 4koma strips featuring Ed's S&M failures xDDD~

Liam totally pwns him! LOL

Also, to say goodbye to these 2 for a while, because next chapter will be Richard/Henry themed again~ It will be the 2nd to last chapter!!

That's right~ 2 more chapters and I'm finished! ^^~
I think it was about time.. I've been drawing Cloe for 4 1/2 years now... And I have many other projects I want to start too ^3^~

Advertisement, November 12th, 2019, 8:07 pm ( Reply )

User Comments:
shabalbaiggy, May 20th, 2009, 11:58 pm ( Reply )

Are you starting another comic?
Comment virginity. =D

Blumchen (Guest), May 21st, 2009, 12:14 am ( Reply )

Oh...this is fantastic! I love 4 koma comics! XD God, Ed, you're so weird! Your evil thoughts come back and backfire on you.


Two more chapters?! Really? Oh myyy. I can't believe how long you've been drawing this comic. I really love it. Shoot, I love all your stuff!

Richard and Henry themed next chapter! Oh yessss! I love them. I love them so muchlies.

Wondrey, May 21st, 2009, 1:24 am ( Reply )

These are just too cute.

Gah Liam. I love him so much xD

Disney_Love, May 21st, 2009, 1:47 am ( Reply )

I actually love Richard X Henry so no complaints here ;) I will be sad for it to end though :(

kuroi_hitsuji, May 21st, 2009, 2:23 am ( Reply )

I also dont complain. Richard Henry is sooo cute <3 and these two are just awesome is all. XD

I pity Ed...XD

Tamao, May 21st, 2009, 3:20 am ( Reply )

they're so cute &#9829;

is it just me, or do they look older in these 4koma? ;o

r-o-t-a, May 21st, 2009, 6:25 am ( Reply )

2 Chapters?
This comic is great, very amusing when it needs to be and the art is beautiful.

I'm looking forward to Mrs Dove finding out about Ed and Liam. The comic wouldn't be complete if that didn't happen. Ha.

xfadead, May 21st, 2009, 6:41 am ( Reply )

When I read 'say good bye to these two' I was like NOO SHE'S DONE? DDD:

silly me :3
yay more richard and henry goodness x3

kingdomnerd, May 21st, 2009, 9:53 am ( Reply )


<3 <3

The_Crazy_Freak, May 21st, 2009, 11:20 am ( Reply )

Haha, I totally loved this! :D

CatzCradle, May 21st, 2009, 6:49 pm ( Reply )

Whhhhaat??!!! Noooooooo, only 2 more??!!! ;_;

But regardless, I am super thrilled to hear that there's going to be another R/H chapter, WOOT! XD

saigo_namida, May 21st, 2009, 11:35 pm ( Reply )

aww pobrecito... sani sani colita de rana

Sakaha, May 22nd, 2009, 2:44 pm ( Reply )

Awww so cute hehe ed is so badat this lol

fgirlmaggie, May 22nd, 2009, 3:44 pm ( Reply )


Lol, with the tickling...I love pokiong my friends in the side because the squeal real loud and jump. :D But one time I tickled my step-dad in the feet and I got kicked. :D

Veanar (Guest), May 24th, 2009, 1:52 am ( Reply )

they're funny~!

just random EdxLiam moments <3
RichardxHenry eh?
I don't mind :D
*loves them*

PeachPoptart, May 25th, 2009, 2:01 am ( Reply )

The only one..
I'm probably going to be the only fan disappointed by the news that there will be more Richard and Henry instead of Liam and Ed.
The ending of this comic...I don't know, I sort of found that inevitable once you started taking longer breaks and became more lazy with your pages (understable when you're just not in possession of time like you used to be). So on this note, I've come to terms.

Yet to hear it's going to remain focused on the older couple when the comic was originally supposed to be about Liam? It bugs me. But who am I, just one disappointed fan out of many? I will say this comic had a nice run. Good luck with all of your other plans.

Heldrad, May 25th, 2009, 2:11 am ( Reply )

I wish you read everything until I finish to understand why... This chapter is necessary... and the extras don't really count, so there are only 2 chapters RichardxHenry related... but well, I won't force you to keep reading if you've lost interest ^^
That's up to you...
Thanks for pointing out your opinion, though! I really appreciate that.

kirbyeverest, May 25th, 2009, 7:08 pm ( Reply )

Hilarious. I love it. And it's so perfect...

@PeachPoptart. May I just firstly say, I mean this in the most sincere and loving way.

Shut up.

Okay, we get it. You want more Liam and Edward chapters. I want more Liam and Ed AND Henry and Richard AND other characters chapters. [secretly...okay not so secretly, I don't want this comic to ever end.] But when you star dissing her, like 'found inevitable once you became more lazy [which, may I just add in, makes no gramatical sense. Hense why SHE'S writting the story, and you're NOT] than you stepped over the line. Feel free to express your opinion abut what you wish to see going on, or for more aperences from your fav characters, but don't EVER start dissing the author like that because A) It's HER work and she can do it however she likes. and B) When you ask for something and then call someone a name right after it, it generally seems to have the oposite effect that you're looking for. But, you know, maybe you come from some werid alternate universe where that's okay.

Hugs and Kisses!

@Heldrad[again] I LOVE your comic. I'm so sad it's ending!!! Are you gonna do a sequel series like 'The later years' kinda thing? That'd be SOOOO Cool. OH! And there Mom could be REALLY old, and the boys are starting to take charge of the mansion and Liam and Ed are at that age where hormones are coming into effect, you know what I mean. XD hee hee. Just a thought [/really really really REALLY hope. XD]

Raisarose, May 29th, 2009, 9:48 pm ( Reply )

No! Please don't end this comic! It's my absolute favorite! *curls up in a ball and cries*

xXDawn-AnimoxX, June 16th, 2009, 7:50 pm ( Reply )

I just noticed..
You give Liam an Ahoge on the back of his head... I had never really noticed that before.. hmm..

...On the other hand.. OH GOD PLEASE DON'T END THIS COMIC!!!! T^T

Insert_Witty_Username, June 18th, 2010, 8:39 am ( Reply )

I have the exact same reaction to tickling. Somebody tickles me and I'll end up injuring them ^^;

Such a cute comic~ Shame they have to end D:

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