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» Comics - Ch.6 p42 - May 19th, 2007, 12:40 pm

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The Management Says:
Heldrad, May 19th, 2007, 12:46 pm ( Reply )

Well, guys.. I've been scolded ;3;~ It's time for me to take my studies seriously, cuz I'm taking my entrance exams in one month >.<~ So.. I'll be gone for a whole month until I finish with all this TT - TT
Sorry guys.. I'll leave you with this page, which is a happy page :3
So..pls forgive me, and.. see you around june!
thanks a lot for everything! *hugs everyone*

Advertisement, August 20th, 2019, 7:35 am ( Reply )

User Comments:
AndHeSaid, May 19th, 2007, 12:45 pm ( Reply )

Between the look in Ed's eyes and the look on Liam's face I just said 'aw' out loud, and now my family thinks i'm nuts....... oh well.

*le gasp* have i stolen comment virginity? Why i think I have. *has a small party for myself*

Flummery, May 19th, 2007, 12:46 pm ( Reply )

xD He's bad at lying.. AWWW. This is SO VERY CUTE.

Beloved_Sacrifice, May 19th, 2007, 12:47 pm ( Reply )

When I saw this was updated, I was like "CLOE REMEBRANCE UPDATE!!! GOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAD!!!"


kitkattcassy, May 19th, 2007, 1:26 pm ( Reply )

*maniacal giggle*
i bet you'll play something else before you go to bed....

fu fu fu.......

vampiresRmyfriends, May 19th, 2007, 1:44 pm ( Reply )

I "awed" outloud too. muahahaha.

I forgive you for leaving. ^_^

yaoi_gamer, May 19th, 2007, 3:49 pm ( Reply )

oh... there2x liam cheer up! :) oh.. i wonder what they will play before sleeping and after girl goes out from the room... tehehe... oh.. im so naughty.... heheh... :D :3

Rainbird, May 19th, 2007, 8:33 pm ( Reply )

Awww. :3

E.Redemption, May 19th, 2007, 10:43 pm ( Reply )

He's a strong kid that Liam and Edward is begining to have a heart! love it! <33

Kuromei, May 20th, 2007, 10:16 am ( Reply )

It's okay. Exams are important. ...Evil, but important.

I loves this page. ^w^~<3

Reiji, May 20th, 2007, 10:47 am ( Reply )

Boo! Evil witch!

If only you could die from being too evil...

nurix, May 20th, 2007, 12:23 pm ( Reply )

waah! *crumples hair* you'll not be updating until june?! waah! erm, but i understand. studies are really important. *sniff* anyway, nice update. i still want to hug ed and liam!

Me (Guest), May 20th, 2007, 4:19 pm ( Reply )

Cute page^_^

Sooo, is this a good or a bad time to throw fanart at you(Heldrad)?

Heldrad, May 20th, 2007, 5:15 pm ( Reply )

everytime is a good time :D!!

Yaoilovertash, May 21st, 2007, 1:37 am ( Reply )

It makes me think
I really love the facial expressions here. However, I can't help but worry about Liam. Realistically, when something makes you sad, you can only avoid the issue for so long before it hunts you more.

masao, May 21st, 2007, 4:09 pm ( Reply )

good luck on your exams!!

axielouise, May 22nd, 2007, 3:51 pm ( Reply )

i've just read your whole comic from the beginning and i love it your art is amazing the story is brilliant

-awkward Silence-, May 22nd, 2007, 4:43 pm ( Reply )

Good Luck on our Entrance Exams~!!!

poor Liam TT-TT

Wolfen, May 24th, 2007, 12:10 am ( Reply )

It's really a nice pag :)
...got to love Ed! (again hehe)
g'luck with exams!!

SomethingWeird (Guest), May 24th, 2007, 11:18 am ( Reply )

I love your art ^^
Hm, i hope you understand my english (i´m german)...
I read your manga and wow, it´s just amazing. Your art and the story are breathtaking... Normally I don´t like this cute thing, but you changed my mind. The way you draw their eyes is just...I don´t know a word for it ^^
the characters are very cool too. What did i want to say? you´re a very talented person, i love you *g*

unikeko, May 25th, 2007, 12:40 pm ( Reply )

Oh my..
I think I'm in love with your characters..
This always keeps happening to me...*blush*
And I'm so jealous to all of you who can speak spanish! I can only speak finnish, english an french...
Okay.. Thats pretty much but still.
-------> SomethingWeird
Indeed..Heldrad is talented.. Douée I'd say.
Or even more.... Maybe some truly glorious day I'm as good as you are.
Good luck! In Finland we give kicks on your butts for luck *kick* Good luck! How much can I write?? It's still a mystery ;)

Poison And Cinderella xx, May 26th, 2007, 10:26 pm ( Reply )

oh how i adore this story.
it makes me so happy that you are updating again and i'm...ungrounded also helps.


Sabriel18 (Guest), May 27th, 2007, 12:27 am ( Reply )

Love your story!!!!!!!!
Your art is great and the story line is inventive. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next installment!!!!

SpiffyLlama, May 28th, 2007, 3:52 pm ( Reply )

OMG, nooooooooooo! I've been reading this all day. =A=;; It can't be oooooveeeeer~~~

iAmTheWalrus451, May 31st, 2007, 7:12 pm ( Reply )


What game can you play with a cute, unsuspecting little bot, and a blushing coniving guy?

My imagination runs wild (^^)

Heldrad, June 2nd, 2007, 11:11 am ( Reply )

guys.. please read my comments =_=~ this is not over, wth.. I'm just too busy right now, so hang on, k? will be back soon...

iAmTheWalrus451, June 4th, 2007, 1:18 pm ( Reply )

Why are you commenting here when you should be studying for your exams!?

Naughty Heldrad! /scold

Untitled, June 9th, 2007, 10:26 am ( Reply )

Can't wait for your next update! XD
So it'll be around 19th June right?

Love this manga loads. <333

mitten, June 9th, 2007, 3:54 pm ( Reply )

when do we get rid of the annoying chick, eh?

Evey (Guest), June 13th, 2007, 12:55 pm ( Reply )

oooohh, gawd I miss you!!! T^T sniff.
not a day goes by without me thinking of your comics!! <3
I hope everything goes well with your exams!
*goes off to fantasize about Edmund*

kuroi_hitsuji, May 14th, 2009, 11:04 pm ( Reply )

AWWW Liam SOMEHOW brought them together..<333

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