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» Comics - Extra! - February 21st, 2011, 12:18 am

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The Management Says:
Heldrad, February 21st, 2011, 12:18 am ( Reply )

LOL This is just a version in my head~ There are many possibilities! And this would end up pretty dramatic if I think about it deeply xDD~ haha

Advertisement, August 18th, 2019, 2:34 pm ( Reply )

User Comments:
Eilonwyn-chan, February 21st, 2011, 12:32 am ( Reply )

I like ALL these possibilities. :3 They're so cuuute... and a canon threesome! @u@ (though those might end up being some confused children...) XDDD

Demochalatte, February 21st, 2011, 12:45 am ( Reply )

Oh God, I really hope there is no drama going on between the three in the future, it would be shitty to be living with your lover and to have a kid be a constant reminder that they were unfaithful to you. As revenge with the other person who lives with you, no less. x'D Not cool.

This was a wonderful comic. <3

Faery Goddyss, February 21st, 2011, 12:47 am ( Reply )

I think only the first and last one would be plausible. Lol! Liam would NEVER sleep with someone other than Ed, especially Melody since they're practically like siblings!

But Ed's a two-timing hussy, and Melody is an evil genius at heart. So the last one also makes sense. XD

Momo'Chan, February 21st, 2011, 1:23 am ( Reply )


XCamPii, February 21st, 2011, 1:28 am ( Reply )

Puahaha! So strange... but I love it. xD Poor Ed. Hahahaha.

TwilightRain888, February 21st, 2011, 1:31 am ( Reply )

omg xDD that is all awesome <3333

Goth_Punk_Kura42, February 21st, 2011, 1:59 am ( Reply )

LOL!...I think the first one really would transpire!

AmoriiBlossom, February 21st, 2011, 2:07 am ( Reply )

OMG xDD lol.. Liam's baby is soo cute though xDD Mrs.Dove?! o.o'''''' xD aw the last panel is funny too =D
Liam's revenge ^^

Veanar (Guest), February 21st, 2011, 3:12 am ( Reply )

Oh I can just imagine this happening.

sekichiku, February 21st, 2011, 4:25 am ( Reply )

huwahahaaha XD

revenge!! >D

2 dads and 1 mom heehee adorable though it'll be a hard life lol especially when melody starts traveling the world :D

the last panel XD ed's baby!!! XDDDD

kuroi_hitsuji, February 21st, 2011, 4:34 am ( Reply )


Mrs. Dove, at least you have a grandbaby! XDDDD

JessisJdog, February 21st, 2011, 6:27 am ( Reply )

Omg! I laughed so hard you don't even know!

sakura318, February 21st, 2011, 9:06 am ( Reply )

Well, this made my day.

Lenne-san, February 21st, 2011, 11:26 am ( Reply )

Quite an open end, but I looove those possibility. ^^

Kurimishu, February 21st, 2011, 12:15 pm ( Reply )

In my world this is canon.
Loved this..

wolficka, February 21st, 2011, 2:26 pm ( Reply )

la verdad, el segundo y el ultimo son bastantes tentadores. Hohohoho, creo que el peor temor de un padre es tener un hijo feo... o vago.

SpikyRoxas, February 21st, 2011, 2:49 pm ( Reply )

OMG I had a dream ABOUT THIS :< that Liam would end up having a baby with her haha yea I dream about mangas I read hehe

aph-germany (Guest), February 22nd, 2011, 12:31 am ( Reply )

LOL!!! Similar thoughts have often crossed my mind! Love it! <3

toboe059, February 22nd, 2011, 5:58 pm ( Reply )

XDDDDDD i love them all!

everlasting-insanity, February 24th, 2011, 9:55 pm ( Reply )

I can't believe this is the end... So many happy memories of this comic...

HexDynasty, July 12th, 2011, 2:03 am ( Reply )

All of those possibilities are disgusting.

AsianIdiot16, August 1st, 2012, 4:47 pm ( Reply )

O god i feel sooo sry for ed. His karma is soo bad! Not only is he a uke for like, but his lover made a beautiful child with his "wife" while the child he made is soo ugly!! Wellw shes not UGLY buut she looks like a brute...

Thats wat he gets for cheating not only once, but several times!

artimis456, August 27th, 2012, 2:50 pm ( Reply )

The last panel XD XD XD!!!

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