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Just in case someone is bored enough to click at this XD

My real name: Florentina Zamudio
Nicknames: Heldrad, Trent88, Jusaf88
Location: Queretaro, Mexico
Date of birth: December 9th, 1988
Height: 1.55m?
Weight: around 53kg

Occupation: university student
Status: single
Hobbies: drawing, writing, reading manga, watching anime, playing videogames, travelling.
Likes: good stories.. no matter what genre they are, the victorian era, listening to soundtracks, cute boys, eating delicious food...
Dislikes: noisy places, chores, sports, waking up early.

Fave anime: Wolf's Rain, Ouran HS Host Club, Honey & Clover, xxxHolic, Rose of Versailles, X, Samurai Champloo, Beck, Ghost Hound, Nodame Cantabile, Mushishi, Arjuna, Natsume Yuujinchou.

Fave manga: Hourou Musuko, Ouran HS Host Club, Kimi ni Todoke, Hyakki Yakoushou, Axis Powers Hetalia, Amatsuki, Strobe Edge, Flat, From Eroica with Love...

Fave yaoi, s-ai manga: Demian Syndrome, Silver Diamond, Sex Pistols, Cut, Yatteraneeze, Kaze to Ki no Uta, In the God's arms, Innocent Bird, Awakening Puberty, everything from my favorite mangakas!

Fave movies: A little Princess, The Secret Garden, The Choir, A song for a raggy Boy, The name of the Rose, X-men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Billy Elliot, Studio Ghibli movies.

Fave music: everything involving Yoko Kanno *-*, movie soundtracks, new age, classic, 90's rock.

Interesting facts:

* I'm lefthanded
* I have a younger sister
* I have a happy family
* I'm studying japanese
* I'm a fujoshi..no, really? xD
* I'm studying architecture
* At school everybody thinks I'm innocent and good XD
* I'm in really bad shape XD
* My style is influenced by CLAMP